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Description Bath Mixer TapBath Mixer Taps are a great addition to any bathroom as they combine all the functionality of two bath taps into one complete, easy to use tap. Both hot...


Bath Mixer Tap

Bath Mixer Taps are a great addition to any bathroom as they combine all the functionality of two bath taps into one complete, easy to use tap. Both hot and cold supplies are dispensed through a single spout, so you can always find the perfect temperature for your bath.

Twin Lever Taps

This tap features a twin lever design. This tap operates via two levers, one for hot and one for cold, so you can easily find your ideal temperature. Twin lever taps are a great option for those who're looking to add a more traditional feel in their bathroom.

Solid brass body

Solid brass is known for its durability and long life in wet corrosive environments. Tap bodies made from brass will last decades, and can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. In fact, brass fixtures almost always stand up to hot water damage and other corrosive environmental factors better than any other material, including plastic and steel. Plus, its sturdiness makes it hard to damage through daily use.

Beautiful and promising a long life and durability the Bristan Pisa Bath Filler in Chrome is all about simplicity, function and a commitment to modern design. Inspired by modern design motifs, this sleek bath filler showcases a high finish with Luminance chrome, easy to use metal handles and a geometric profile suitable for both modern and classic bathtubs.

The Bristan Pisa Bath Filler has a smart design featuring precise glide, and patented ceramic valve technology means quick and exact installation. Strong metal back nuts are added for excellent durability. Committed to utmost quality and the experience of a luxurious bath, this modern Bristan bath filler is perfect for your new bathtub update. Imagine the relaxing sound of water filling your bathtub creating an oasis of relaxation. Great for everyday use, this is a wonderful choice as well for busy families.

Today Bristan is globally renowned for outstanding quality, modern style, long life, durability and ease of installation, so go ahead and complete the look, and match with taps and showers from the stylish and modern Pisa line. This wonderful Bristan fixture includes a five-year warranty from the manufacturer. Be inspired and create a wonderfully curated look for your modern home.


  • Modern Design
  • Luminance Chrome
  • Precise Glide
  • Long Life and Durability and Easy to Use
  • Perfect for Everyday Use
  • 5 Year Warranty

Technical Specifications:

  • Quarter Turn Ceramic Disc Valves for Precision
  • Metal Fixing Nut for Added Durability
  • Outstanding Ease of Fit and Installation


TypeBath Mixer
StyleModern - Round
Tap ControlTwin Lever
Tap Holes2
FittingDeck Mounted
Pressure SuitabilityHigh (1 bar+)
Item Weight (KG)1.99
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